Enterprise Launches Two New Oral Contraceptive Brands

SMC Enterprise Ltd launched two new combined oral contraceptive pills during April and May, 2016 in the brand names ‘Ovacon Gold’ and ‘Mypill.’ With the introduction of these two new brands, SMC EL has expanded its oral contraceptive pill portfolio to seven brands with two new compositions – Lynestrenol and Desogestrel. Prepared on a micro-dose formulation of a 3rd generation progesterone, Mypill comes at an MRP of Tk. 100. According to Ms. Shaila Purvin, Senior Manager, Marketing (OTC Products), Mypill will cater to the freedom-seeking women in the middle to upper middle class, who enjoy full control over their lives. They prefer pills as a contraceptive method, see price as a symbol of quality and status, and at the same time want safety and efficacy in whatever they use, she added. Ovacon Gold is targeted at women in the middle to upper-middle strata. The pill sells at an MRP of Tk. 65 and its balanced hormonal composition helps to keep menstrual pattern undisturbed. The OTC Marketing team printed colorful POPs and doctors’ information cards, and launched month-long print, outdoor and radio campaigns to support the launch of the new pills. Both pills in brilliantly colorful packaging were widely accepted by retailers and traders.

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